FinTech Reporting and Reconciliations  

Kani Reporting and Reconciliation is a set of tools to help you report and reconcile transactions and movement of funds. 

By integrating directly with your processor Kani quickly and accurately provides the clarity you need; whether it’s a QMR, QOC, Settlement Report, or even a Custom Reconciliation, Kani contextualises and gives you full control over your data.




1. having or showing shrewdness and good judgement, especially in money or business matters.

"canny investors will switch banks if they think they are getting a raw deal"

synonyms: shrewd · astute · sharp · sharp-witted · discerning · acute · penetrating · discriminating · perceptive · perspicacious · clever · intelligent · wise · sagacious · sensible · judicious · circumspect · careful · prudent · cautious;


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The problems we're solving...

Building & maintaining your own back office systems is expensive

Our team is continually developing new reporting and reconciliation features so you don't need to.

Financial reconciliation and reporting is complex, and requires expert knowledge 

Companies in the FinTech space often deal with large sums of money, in multiple currencies, and from multiple sources. Financial reconciliation is critical in order to prevent financial loss, or regulatory and scheme non-compliance - let Kani do the leg work for you.

FinTech companies face security and compliance challenges

We allow you to reduce your risks by using our systems, all designed with compliance in mind. Our platform is PCI DSS and GDPR compliant by design, and is constantly updated to remain so.


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Meet some of the team...

Aaron Holmes

CEO & Co-founder

Aaron founded Kani following roles at Flex-e-card as General Manager, Global Processing Services as Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) & Chief Operating Officer (COO), and NBS Card Solutions (now Wirecard) as Senior Implementation Manager. Building on issuing, program management and transaction processing roles, Aaron now leads the Kani business from its Newcastle upon Tyne head office.  

Steven Licciardi


Steven brings to Kani more than 15 years of varied experience as a leading software developer. Having previously worked for Sage, EADS, Condeco and having spent 10 years within the water, oil and gas industry, Steven has a variety of expert knowledge with his specialities including cloud integration, software development and emerging technologies. 

Anthony Jarman


Anthony brings more than 15 years of payments expertise, having previously worked for acquiring & issuing processors as well as a leading European BIN Sponsor. 
Anthony has a strong portfolio of relationships within the European and US markets, with prior responsibilities spanning project leadership to implementation, product management, and client relations management.